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Sustainable is the Future

July 09 2021

Sustainable is the Future

Sustainable is the Future

 Probably by now, everyone has heard the terms ethical, eco-friendly, sustainable, yet, do we know what it means when we put it together with fashion? 

 Water pollution, deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, waste accumulation, workers abuse, and many other factors for which fashion is responsible. None of these factors mean either sustainable or ethical, yet, that is what the fashion industry represents today.

What is a sustainable fashion for us?

Being sustainable is the future. It means acting with environmental, social, and economic benefits, without compromises resources for future generations. 
Sustainable is something we can rely upon without causing more harm. That is why we decided to use recycled and organic materials and non- toxic dyes for all the garments in our collection.

   - “Cheap synthetic fibers also emit gases like N2O, which is 300 times more damaging than CO2.” - James Conca

We believe that there is no sustainable future if we do not change our attitude towards our planet. 

What about the water?

According to the World Wild Life Fund’s in 2012, about 40% of the world’s population lives near water areas, and they experience severe water scarcity at least a month per year. But why? Well, did you know that to make one t-shirt is used about 2600 liters of water? Which means across the industry at least 380 million liters of water.  Water is a scarce resource and we can't afford to live this lifestyle. 

Clothes and water are more connected than one would think.

  - 20% of water waste comes from dying 

  - 200 tonnes of water are needed for dye 1 tonne of fabric

  - Around 190 tons of microplastic fibers end up in the ocean per year

 Whenever you wash your clothes, tiny plastic fibers end up in the sea, polluting its fauna and ending up in our digestive system when we eat seafood. Essentially we eat little fibers of plastic without acknowledging it. Now, is it really what we want?   

So, what is Ethical fashion?

You cannot be ethical without being sustainable. Being an ethical brand means saying stop to worker's exploitation, underpayments, harassment, animal abuse, and social abuse. 

These are the things people support when choosing fast fashion. 

 How and why WE make our choices.

-We work with manufacturers and suppliers that pay fairly and keep their workers safe. 

-We are using recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes to lower pollution. 

- We are donating to help our planet, focusing on oceans and its fauna. 

-We choose slow fashion to avoid overproduction and are producing limited quantities and styles, that can be mono-used. 

At CAIĀ we think it is time for a change. We HAVE to do better because we CAN.